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President, World Blockchain Federation-Austria

I dream of applications beyond Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies which makes me currently working on several projects and ideas that make use of the Blockchain and Smart Contract to create new and socially impactful applications. I’m specifically interested in Smart City related solutions. Blockchain use cases I have recently had a thorough look at:
⇒ energy: photovoltaics/green energy, oil, gas
⇒ real estates, services for urban governance, facility management
⇒ logistics / transport / e-mobility
⇒ health, biometrics and food tracking
⇒ IoT and AI
⇒ banking, trading platforms, Blockchain On Demand
⇒ humanitarian / relief aid / emergency funding
⇒ crazy stuff: mining, sports platforms, music applications, art performances, blockchain with AI, IoT,

Mission: The World Blockchain Foundation will support use cases to create a better society.

Return on Society (RoS). Collecting funds for the best brains and promising projects. Independent from governments, multinationals, interested groups.


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